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A two-person website design agency that loves asking good questions, making great designs and putting reliable systems in place to help you to better do what you do.

Our Work

Rock Mill | Climbing, Fitness, Yoga

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We love everything about this company, their mission and their website. If you're anywhere near the Akron area, please go check out their gym, it's truly amazing. But first? Head to the website :)
● Website Design
● Copywriting
● Event Promotion

Clayton Herrman Photography

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Clayton's work is amazing. Using animations, sliders and clear navigation, we balanced flair with practicality.
● Website Design
● Photography
● Animations

La Puente

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La Puente's mission is big, and so is their website. Challenging and rewarding, this project required organizing multiple programs and pages to get everything working in the same direction: up!
● Website Design
● Managed Services

Lucky Penny Farm and Creamery

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A delicious taste of e-commerce and down-to-earth design for a farm and friend we love. Lucky Penny's cheese (we've had it) is as good as it gets.
● Website Design
● E-Commerce

Our Services

Website design & development

Our bread and butter. We'll design, develop, and publish your website.

Website refresh

Only need a few things changed on an existing website? Ask us about a website refresh!

Program development & management

Creating and overseeing projects to support organizational and strategic visions

Logos, photo & video

We design logos and can bring your website to life with photos and videos that look great.

Social Media

We work with all major social media platforms, charging hourly for small tasks and offering monthly retainers for managing long-term social media accounts.

Event Promotion

We offer digital advertisements and can pound the pavement with physical advertisements, too. We love the walking! 

Our Values

Try new things
Get enough sleep
Be sustainable (decide what that means for you)
Break out of the trance
Bring real love to things
Tread lightly
Get quiet
Play piano
Read & write
Moveenjoy it!

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